B is for Business

Why an agile architecture is fundamental to BPM success

Untangling Spaghetti BPM

Today, C-level executives face the challenge of ensuring business agility and adapt quickly to changing market dynamics. Even though BPM is inherently more suitable than any other software option for this task, many BPM tools have basic design flaws that restrict them from achieving true process improvement.

The clue is in the title: too many Business Process Management vendors have forgotten that business people should drive their own processes. Bizagi’s concept of a ‘BPM stack’ presents a clean and elegant multi-layered architecture which provides a holistic view of the process and data model, and ensures support for continuous improvement and scalability in enterprise-wide deployments.

Bizagi’s clean process modeling engages business and IT from the start. Business people are not discouraged as they can visualize the process, make changes and drive the design. Other tools are targeted at developers so they give IT the full control. In this respect, Bizagi is unique.” Dr. Adnan. A. Al-Tunisi | CIO, PSMMC

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Over 350 global customers rely on Bizagi to transform their businesses resulting in improved operational efficiencies, shorter time to market and better adaptability achieved at 10% of the in-house development costs and 20-30% of the competitive BPM systems.

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